Business Law

Business law encompasses all of the laws that direct how to establish a new business, as well as any issues that occur from dealing with the public, other companies or the government while conducting business. Menlove Law is here to help you understand how local, state, and federal laws affect your Prescott area business.

If starting a new business, you can choose a corporation, limited liability companies, partnerships, non-profit organizations, and other entities, however there are many things you need to know about each. Making the proper decisions is the first step to a successful business, let the professionals at Menlove Law assist you!

It is very important for all business owners, managers and other professionals to have an understanding of business law. Business law affects a wide range of topics that are involved in running a business, such as:

Starting a Business:  Educate business founders on the pros and cons and help them determine the entity that is in their best interest

Employment:  Once you have employees, a business must know the legal way to hire and fire employees

Discrimination:  Business must be advised on how to handle potential discrimination claims

Sales of Consumer Goods/Services:  Depending on the service or product, there are many rules and regulations that a business must follow.

Intellectual Property:  A business should know how to define and protect any intellectual properties they own.

Taxes:  Sound legal advice on taxation issues can help businesses make good, informed decisions

Contracts:  Most businesses have the need to enter into contracts with individuals or other businesses.  In order to be enforceable, it is important that the legal contract be properly written.

Corporate Compliance: A business attorney can help ensure that your business maintains all of the proper paperwork to be compliant with State and Federal laws.  

As most business owners are not lawyers, and the laws seem to change on an almost daily basis, most businesses find it impossible to keep up with all of the regulations.  It is important to have a qualified business attorney on your team. Large corporations often have “in-house” counsel, however a smaller business normally depends on an outside attorney for their legal work. By establishing a relationship with a trusted law firm like Menlove Law, you will know who to reach out to when your business is impacted by legal matters.

For more information on how we can help with your business law needs, contact Menlove Law today!

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